Write For Us

Are you an online writer looking to get a bit more exposure?

At A Battered Suitcase we accept quality blog posts on any topics relating to travel and art. In particular we are interested in articles that are serve as guides to cities, top ten articles on any travel or art related niche and tips and tricks that have to do with travelling and creating or discovering artwork.

If you think you have something to contribute please send the full article or an article pitch to writeforus@abatteredsuitcase.com.

However before you do so please review the below guidelines. Any article received that does not seem to have considered the below will not be uploaded to the website.

What Should You Write About?

We accept any submissions related to travel and art.

If you have a unique idea or story we would love to hear it. Please make sure to search our website before you submit your article to ensure we haven’t covered to content before.

If you want to gauge our interest before writing the article, feel free to send across your article pitch instead but note that we will still maintain the right to review the article before publication regardless of whether we have accepted the pitch or not.

Word Count and Formatting

Unless your article submission is largely image or video based ensure it is 800 words or longer. Also ensure that the article is formatted for web readers, i.e. content that is broken up with subheadings, and uses small paragraphs and dot points. We want your content to be read and readers are turned off big slabs of text.

Links within the article body

We allow links in our content, but please make them relevant links to what you are writing about.

If the links in your content do not seem to be beneficial to the reader or seem to be promoting a product we will reserve the right to remove the link or nofolllow the link. We understand that one of the reasons you may have for submitting an article to A Battered Suitcase is to get a link for your website, but we do not want to spam our readers. Make your links relevant or we may have to disregard your article.

If you are interested in a promotional link please consider a Sponsored Post.

Original Content

All content will be run through Copyscaped before it is posted on the website. We only want high-quality, original content, so even if the only other place the content is posted is your own blog then we will not post it.

(However if you wish to direct us to your blog as a way of showing an example of your work that is fine)

Bio and  Headshot

Please include a bio and headshot that you would like to use.


We encourage you to include photos in your submission. As our blog focuses on travel and art, visual representation in your articles will make your content a lot stronger.

Ideally, you will own the rights of your images but if you do not please include a credit to the copyright owner.

Turnaround Time

We will review your article within 21 days and if we are interested in getting it up on the website we will be in touch. If you do not hear back from us then chances are we are not interested in the content right now. Do not take this as an indication that we will never publish any of your guest blog posts but please do not follow up with any emails on the original post. They will be ignored.

So what’s next?

Make sure you AGREE to all of the above guidelines and requirements

Send an email with an article, bio, headshot and article images attached – with the words “TRAVEL GUEST POST” or “ARTWORK GUEST POST” in the Subject field (so we know you’ve read all this) and send it through!