Thailand – The Perfect Marriage of Two Worlds

It is often said that ‘whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, the same cannot be said of Thailand, as whatever happens is the country is always connected with an abundance of beauty that deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. The first time I visited Thailand with my fiancé, a chord was struck in us that we knew we had to return to explore the uniqueness which the country provides. That first trip was short as it was for just a weekend and it came on the heel of our visit to my extended family members still living in China. I am a Eurasian; half British and half Chinese and I have always kept in touch with my Asian routes. Therefore on this trip, we decided to explore a bit further than China and ended up in Thailand. One very thing which struck a chord in Thailand, more unlike China, was the seamless marriage of Ancient times and modernity, which blended in a beautiful embrace. In a minute, you feel you are in a modern 21st-century world, then you blink an eyelid and its seem you have taken a journey and step back in time, through a time machine to history and ancient times. Thailand is a country that has preserved its rich and beautiful culture while embracing civilisation and modern times.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer we had to return for a second trip which I will be documenting in this post. On arrival at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as the Thailand International Airport, we were greeted by the weather so warm we knew we were in for a treat. Don’t get me wrong, I love the United Kingdom but getting away from the wet and rainy autumn weather would definitely do us a lot of good. My Fiancé and I hopped into taxis and headed off to our hotel. We rested, had our showers and for dinner, we ordered a bowl of Thai soup and salads. What better way of getting accustomed to being in Thailand than with a bowl of deliciousness which was very tasty and mildly spicy. The aftertaste is something very special and one which will give your taste buds a feel of heartbreak, whenever your memory jostles back to it.  We had to get to bed early as we knew we had a long, interesting and exciting day waiting ahead.

Our second piece of adventure started in a rather ‘grand’ way’ (the first was guzzling down the bowl of Thai soup), as we returned to visit one of the special wonders of the world, in my own opinion. The Grand Palace sits majestically on a magnificent expanse of space. The structures are so beautiful and breathtaking that I would rate it high up on the list of one of the best attractions to visit while in Thailand. These amazing structures housed Thai kings for around 150 years, but are now home to Government buildings and revered temples. For me, it gave me a special feeling of being in Asia, but I also felt that ‘seen before’ Déjà vu feel, not from visiting the earlier, but I guess from visiting historically old Churches in Europe. That is why I always feel that Thailand is a massive blend of both worlds. We were left in awe by this amazing beauty but we had to recover in time to continue on our adventures and exploration of Bangkok.

Up next, we took water boats which come in the form of water taxis and which are very affordable and time-efficient, away from the traffic chaos on mainland Bangkok to the floating market. Yes, you heard me right. These are markets in every sense of the word except that transactions of goods and services ranging from souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables take place on water. You could even dine out in one of the floating restaurants and since I could not resist the urge of trying some new cuisine, I opted for a ‘Pineappled plate’ of Thai Pineapple Fried Rice which was very tasty. We continued on our sightseeing but this time, we opted for the famous Tuk-tuk to traverse the length and breadth of Bangkok like locals. We hired an expert Tuk-tuk guide who showed us a host of attractions like the Phra Sumera Fortress, Amulet Market, Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Thieves Market and the colourful flower market at Dheves. In the evening, we settled for a round of Thai Massage which is more unique and refreshing than all the other kinds of massages I have tried; and I have tried a lot.

The next day, the adventurers in us signed up for short tattoo artist training at a tattoo school we had come across on our first trip and it was really beneficial for me in particular as I gained more knowledge and information which blended perfectly with my love of the art and designs as a graphic designer. I know I would be building myself even further in this regard as I gained a lot already. One other thing which I learned further in Bangkok was signing up further for the next stage of the Thai Culinary course; this bettered my skills in the preparation of Thai food which has become one of my favourite delicacies now.

In the end, we continued our trip to such beautiful temples and revered Buddhas. I just cannot get enough of the way the Thais have kept faith in the beauty of their cultures and traditions, some many centuries old. We also visited American, Jim Thompson’s house who lived in Thailand while promoting the silk industry there. The house he lived in has been converted into a museum where tourists from far and near visit. When it was time to board our return flight home, we knew we were yet to see all the beauty of this amazing country and we will be planning the third phase of our Thai exploration soon.

Author: Araluen Centre

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