Idyllic Africa – For a Wedding or Honeymoon

Weddings and honeymoons tend to be events that we view as once in a lifetime.

It makes great sense for those of us planning something so important, to consider a location that conjures up the same once in a lifetime excitement.
The vast continent of Africa does exactly that. With mysterious contrasts, and diversity hidden within its many landscapes, there is a tailor-made adventure just waiting for any bride and groom.

The people of Africa are warm and friendly, always keen to showcase their respective nations, and they see to it that any visitors have the time of their life. This genuine and caring attitude is why those returning from a holiday in this vibrant continent tell so many tales of fantastic guest satisfaction.
One of the aspects of a wedding, or a honeymoon, that a couple strive to achieve is perfection. Thus, heading for the welcoming embrace of Africa’s people and their devotion for ensuring a personal first-class service, instantly ticks off one of those perfect requirements.

If you dream of cocktails on a sun-kissed beach fringed with palm trees, Africa gives you 16,000 miles of coastline to choose from.
From the idyllic sands of Mauritius and the Seychelles, to the sheltered granite rocks of South Africa’s Boulders Beach (with its resident colony of African penguins!) there can be few places more inspiring for tying the knot next to the warm seas. Imagine sharing the luxury of relaxing as a newly wed couple beneath a vivid sunset, a world away from home. Champagne, obviously, as standard.

Of course, planning a wedding or honeymoon doesn’t have to be all about relaxation. Adventures abound in Africa too! The combination of beach luxury and safari experience is a popular choice for many.
Countries such as Kenya and Tanzania are perfect destinations for combining the two. Home to all creatures, great and small, of a classic safari, you could visit the Maasai Mara and its Maasai warriors in Kenya, or witness the vast plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro stands in the North of Tanzania, not impossibly far from Kenya, so the two countries could even be combined.

A honeymoon of contrasts, or a safari adventure leading up to the relaxation of an exotic wedding is perfectly possible here. Obviously, using an experienced tour operator which specialises in Safaris, and Africa in general, will be beneficial in helping to plan for an experience on such a grand scale. It’s worth looking into Safari information and services online for inspiration and advice.

For those that like the idea of sophistication, as well as ruggedly beautiful scenery, South Africa could provide the whole package. With its famed vineyards, a little wine tasting excursion provides a sophisticated edge to any honeymoon. When you throw in the culture and history of this country, alongside fine restaurants, famous cityscapes, and fabulous hospitality, then many boxes are ticked in an instant.

The mountainous deserts of Namibia could offer a completely different experience for any adventurous newly-weds. Boasting the world’s highest sand dunes, Namibia lies to the Western shore and the cooler Atlantic Ocean. The famous Kalahari Desert is another feature here. It spans Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana, the latter being a fine destination for wildlife and safaris.

Other exciting options of an African wedding or honeymoon are its islands. A honeymoon dipped in the immense natural-world feeling of Madagascar and its exotic species would be an experience to take epic memories (and photographs) from.
To the East of this large island lays Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, and to the North, The Seychelles. Two islands synonymous with exotic luxury.

It’s clear that the continent of Africa really can deliver any aspect you desire to your wedding or honeymoon. This is glaringly apparent from its vast diversity in geography, society, wildlife, and just pure adventure!
With so many ideas and options to consider, the only problem is: arriving at a decision on what to experience, and where. If only every problem was so exciting!

Whichever nation or region you may choose as a location to hold your wedding or enjoy your honeymoon, rest assured that it can truly be once in a lifetime.

Author: Araluen Centre

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